Spring Reading List – Garden Adventures around the World

We’ve just arrived in Asheville, North Carolina for my nephew Charlie’s spring break, and blooms are starting to pop all over the mountainsides! We’ve planned a few days of hiking and playing in and around the mountains, including a visit to the Biltmore, where the gardens are sure to be bursting with color! Continue reading

Reading is FUN-damental!

Chapter 1: Animals

I’ve written about reading before here on the blog, and even highlighted books that we gave our “nieces” and “nephews” for Christmas a few years back. We’re big readers, and encourage our nephew C to be as well – and he is! He loves a good book, and has recently delved into the world of “Harry Potter” with his dad – listening, but I’m sure he sounds out some words, too. Continue reading

Read a Good Book Lately?

One of my vivid memories from childhood is being in the fourth – sixth grade in California (as an Army brat, my life is broken into years like this, defining where I lived and when) and running errands with my family in our brown Plymouth Volare. I was in the middle of Where the Red Fern Grows and just couldn’t put it down. I read in the car, and when my parents ran into the store, I stayed behind, turning page after page as I absorbed the story. I finished the book in the car, and cried and cried. If you’ve read Where the Red Fern Grows, you know what I’m talking about here. Continue reading