Cool Nephew, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Greats Convene!

Last weekend my extended family gathered in Virginia for a late-Christmas family celebration. My cousins and their mom (one of my three cool aunts!) live there, and the rest of us (including another cool aunt!) traveled from another part of Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida.

Dubbed as FFF, the weekend was jokingly known as Forced Family Fun. This year, though, the FFF remained, but we changed the meaning to Family, Food and Fun – the good times we have together is anything but forced!

Highlights of the weekend…

IMG_3996 (2)

The making for everyone’s favorite guacamole dip.

IMG_4005 (2)

Charlie bellying up to the (diner) bar with his Bapa and Uncle Josh…

IMG_4009 (2)

…and cool Cousin Eddie.

IMG_4003 (2)

The picture Charlie drew while waiting on the girls to finish up shopping… a fish and a whale.

IMG_4022 (2)

Four vibrant cardinals against a winter backdrop.

IMG_4027 (2)


One thing we need to get better at during FFF is taking more photos of the family, food and fun that we all share!

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